Let me start saying that I am the typical person who does not read instructions. Mea culpa. It has brought  many issues and hiccups for me, on the other hand I am usually pretty quick in figuring out the way things work…although it may not be the BEST way.

So, I recommend that you do not follow my example and read or watch the instruction materials of everything you do, particularly this blog. That said, here is some insight that you may already know, but just in case…

I see that most of you have inserted pictures, which is not that difficult as you use the little camera icon to the right of Upload/Insert on the top. Videos may be a bit trickier.

Let’s say you are in Youtube. Click on the Share button and then click again on Embed. A code will come up, which is already highlighted- so you can copy directly using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-C (win) or Command-C (Mac).

It looks something like this:

< iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/bl8Vucquc7g&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe >  NOTE I had to put a space between the first/last bracket and the rest of the text otherwise it would embed right away

Screenshot of the embedding process.

How to find the embed code in Youtube

Now paste the code into your post. Seems like WordPress will embed your code right away. My experience with other sites is that you have to embed the HTML code into the HTML window upper right tab by Visual). So use the Preview button to the right of the editing panel and check. If the thumbnail comes out, fine. Otherwise you may want to click on the HTML tab to get into the coding window and paste the code there. Once you get back to Visual you will see a thumbnail outline.

Usually that is all what you need. If by any chance you are embedding something that comes out too big, you may go back to HTML and look for the words height and Width, and the numbers after them. The rule is that you change them both the same way (half them, for example).

Voila, ready to post! This particular video is about transfections, a quickie illustration of a procedure we will be talking next week.

Re kitchen sink: I just realized that clicking on the rightmost little icon of your editing panel (Show/hide kitchen sink) opens a whole range of options I have been missing, such as styles, text colors, and other goodies.

The procedure if basically the same for Blogger- copying the Embed code and pasting it into the HTML window.

Do you have any other insight about WordPress or blogger? Please share 🙂

Looking forward seeing your protein postings!