Hippocampal areas predict math performance?

Well, seems like wherever I look these days, there is a reference to the hippocampus. In my previous post I referred to a recent article about hippocampal neural generation in adults, and now this article says that “(…) improvement of arithmetic problem solving in children aged 8-9 years old in the context of a math tutoring program depends on particular pre-tutoring anatomical and neurophysiological features. In particular, the pre-tutoring volume of the hippocampus and the intrinsic functional connectivity of the hippocampus with dorsolateral and ventrolateral prefrontal cortices predict performance improvement in math. No behavioral measures, including psychometric intelligence, working memory, or mathematical abilities, predict performance improvements after math tutoring.”

That same Science magazine issue had an article about the effect of fetal conditions (obviously linked to the life of the mother, stress level, nutrition etc) on a variety of outcomes. So far the evidence is strenuous and the main effects seen are related to metabolic pathologies (type 2 diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance). But I just have to wonder how the development of the hippocampus is affected by maternal conditions.

As I am not familiar with neither neurobiology nor  K12 research, would love to hear your insight on this!