and the righteous don’t need it!”


Washington University in St. Louis

With those words ended Sally Elgin’s presentation last night kicking off the GEP workshop. After few hours of sleep, getting up at 4 am,and flying to St. Louis, my brain foggily registered that some very intense days were in front of the group. However, it is such an exciting possibility, especially by the combination of learning some cutting edge research techniques at such a prestigious university, together with a group of educators coming from a variety of schools, mostly small liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and like myself, a private non-profit. Even after such a short time we discussed similar issues: few resources, lots of courses to teach, a a strong desire to share with our students the experience and joy of research.

I am writing this at the breakfast table, in a hurry- we are heading for a full day of computer work with annotation, so I am not sure how much and how quickly I will be able to write. But for now, visit the course material page, from where most of the materials we will be using are.

Will be back soon!